Fun Spot has equipped over 500 parks worldwide and with our expert advice, we can help you succeed as well.

Services We Provide

Custom Engineering and Design

Once receiving final as-built drawings of your building, we can begin laying out the equipment you want for your trampoline park. Our designs are completely custom and bespoke for your building to help maximize your space, which in turns adds to your capacity.

Fresh Exclusive Colors

Because we weave our own fabric in-house, we have the ability to weave a variety of colors for the trampoline jumping mat. We have a variety of over 10 colors, some of which glow under black light which is completely unique to this industry. We also have matching vinyl for the safety pads, and webbing or boarder that surrounds each jumping mat.

Park Installation

Our team of installers are truly experts when it comes to the construction of our equipment. They will help you oversee the installation, and provide instruction to the other on-site skilled labor. This process ends with a final walk-thru with our installer to ensure everything meets your standards.

Other Exciting Features

We do not just build trampoline parks, but instead offer a variety of product lines including ninja warrior courses, climbing and bouldering walls, ropes courses, and even trampoline socks. Want to check out all of our attractions? Click below to find out more.