What do our customers say about us?


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Design Process

“Designing a park with Fun Spot for us was a huge benefit. A lot of the other designs that we had seen from other manufacturers in the industry were very regimented and I think we genuinely saw a thirty to forty percent increase in the potential capacity..."

Pawan Parbhu
Director | Flux Freestyle Jumping

Experts in the Field

“My advice for anyone who’s looking to set up their own park, and are considering difference manufacturers is you can’t beat a supplier like Fun Spot who have such a great track record. They are genuine experts in their field."

Richard Simpson
Managing Director | Gravity Force

Great Support

“The phone service is good. There’s an email answer to any inquiry within 24 hours if we need advice or if we need supplies Fun Spot is there. The fact that they are in America is irrelevant. They might as well be in the neighbouring County."

Jeremy Hall
Director | Rebound

Incredibly Fast

“We had a trampoline that was damaged. I called Fun Spot on a Wednesday afternoon, they made the trampoline that evening, shipped it the next day, and by Friday lunch time we had it fitted and repaired."

Darren Hedges
Director | Air Hop


“We went with Fun Spot because we know we have different competitions in the area, and a lot of people have trampoline parks. We wanted to do something totally different. Fun Spots on the edge of technology and that’s where we wanted to be with our park, and they’ve been great to work with.”

Chris Adkins
Owner | Sevier Air


“I ultimately chose Fun Spot because they’re a family-run business. They’re right here, buy local. They even invited me to come to their factory and see the whole process. It’s a relationship. We know each other. They’re in it to help me, and I’m in it to help them, and I can’t ask for a better partner to work with.”

Dustin Pelletier
Owner | Big Air - Spartanburg